The Code of Conduct applies in all community spaces. If you are not familiar with our Code of Conduct policy, take a minute to read it before making your first contribution.

The IDOM team welcomes contributions and contributors of all kinds - whether they come as code changes, participation in the discussions, opening issues and pointing out bugs, or simply sharing your work with your colleagues and friends. We’re excited to see how you can help move this project and community forward!

I’m Looking For…


A discussion board

Ask questions, share ideas, or show projects

Where to report issues

Tell us about any problems you’re having

How to contribute Code

Make and review code changes

Other related projects

Find other projects created by the IDOM team

Everyone Can Contribute!

Trust us, there’s so many ways to support the project. We’re always looking for people who can:

  • Improve our documentation

  • Teach and tell others about IDOM

  • Share ideas for new features

  • Report bugs

  • Participate in general discussions

Still aren’t sure what you have to offer? Just ask us and we’ll help you make your first contribution.